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Shanghai Set to Vaccinate Foreign Minors Aged 12-17

2021年09月13日 20:52

The Leadership Office for COVID-19 Prevention and Control in Shanghai announced that Shanghai would start the registration and appointment for COVID-19 vaccination for foreign minors aged 12-17 in the city from 20:00 on September 15, 2021 pursuant to the plan of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council. The details are as follows:


Upon giving a voluntary and informed consent on vaccination at their own costs and risks, the foreign minors aged 12-17 who want to receive the COVID-19 vaccine voluntarily in Shanghai can make an appointment and register for the vaccination on the "Health Cloud" platform with their passports, international travel documents or ID documents. The information of their parents or guardians (including names, ID documents and contact information) shall also be provided in the meanwhile.


Foreign minors aged 12-17 in Shanghai should register for their inoculations based on their appointments, and should be accompanied by their parents or guardians to the designated vaccination clinics with their passports, international travel documents or ID documents.


As the vaccination recipients, the foreign minors should present the "Vaccination Bar Code" and voluntarily sign the informed consent and the letter of commitment on receiving the vaccine before being inoculated pursuant the guideline of medical staff on site.


After the inoculation, the foreign minors shall strictly follow the rules to stay in the observation area of designated vaccination clinics for another 30 minutes. If the parents or guardians cannot accompany the vaccination, the minors may entrust other personnel to accompany and sign the letter of authorization, the informed consent and the letter of commitment on receiving the vaccine.


The inoculated minors should pay close attention to their physical condition 14 days after vaccination. In case of any serious adverse reaction, they should go to the hospital to seek medical advice promptly.


The vaccines that we are currently administering are domestic COVID-19 inactivated vaccines, and each recipient will be administered two doses in total. The vaccination cost is RMB 100 yuan/dose. Those foreign minors who are covered by China's social security medical insurance program will be entitled to the same treatments as their local peers in the city and receive the inoculation free of charge. Those uninsured foreign minors will be vaccinated at their own costs.